Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Minute of Service

Blessings of Peace & Joy to all who read this minute:

This letter is an introduction to Ashley W and a Minute of Service from our meeting, Freedom Friends Church in Salem, Oregon.

Ashley is a member of Freedom Friends Church in good standing. Ashley is a beloved and highly respected member of our community. She is currently living in Seattle, Washington, is a regular attender at University Friends Meeting and is involved in ministry there. She is carrying a concern for the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference, and for peace and justice in our world. Ashley is co-clerk of the next PNWQWT Conference and she has good news to share and encouragement to bring to you. We believe she will bless all those with whom she interacts. Following is a short introduction to the conference, from the website at

The 8th Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference will take place June 16-20, 2010, at Seabeck Christian Conference Center in Seabeck, Washington.

The Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference welcomes women primarily from Canadian, North Pacific and Northwest Yearly Meetings. As women from divergent Friends traditions, we strive to articulate that which has been meaningful in the expression and development of our faith. We are open to God’s leadings and willing to make a commitment to prepare, to risk, and to be open to learning from one another.

Our purposes in coming together are:
• To grow in the knowledge and love of God, trusting that the Inward Teacher, the Christ within, the Inner Light, the Holy Spirit will be present to guide us;

• To create a place where it is possible to talk openly from different perspectives with love and honesty, and without rancor or tempering to accommodate perceptions of what might be acceptable;

• To use narrative theology, that is, our stories of faith, as a means of integrating our experiences and our understanding;

• To encourage articulation of experience in beliefs, both verbally and in writing, expecting that we will bring what we learn back into our home faith communities.

We commend Ashley to your tender prayerful care, and ask that you allow her to share her concern. We would appreciate a note of documentation regarding her actions and ministry. We trust you will find her a joy as we do.

In the Light,

Alivia B
Presiding Clerk
Freedom Friends Church

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