Thursday, March 19, 2009

On the Road Again

I haven't put away my suitcase for over a month now because every time I get back from a trip, there's another one around the corner. This weekend, I am happy to be traveling with Sarah P again. The two of us are heading down to Oregon for a big Quaker weekend.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, we will be visiting the Friends World Committee for Consultation annual meeting in Canby, Oregon. The rest of the time, we will be hanging out with folks from Freedom Friends Church because Sunday is Freedom Friends' fifth birthday! Although I've been a member since 2005, I don't think I have ever made it to a birthday party. This should be a really fun birthday because the Faith and Practice is done and we will actually get to see it!

I am a little nervous about the collision of my Quaker worlds this weekend. I know that FWCC is a place for Quakers from all over come to come together, but I have never had so many people from the different groups I am a part of in one place at the same time. There will be Freedom Friends, University Friends, convergent Friends, Friends from the women's conference, and all sorts of others. But if we're all Friends, it will all work out, right?

And when I get back, maybe I'll have a chance to work on that garden I keep thinking about. For now, there are some very resilient flowers in our yard, surviving the Seattle spring snow!

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