Monday, June 8, 2009

The Unknown

Looking forward to the next month, there are so many unknowns. Many things in my life right now are up in the air, including who I will live with, where I will be working, and where I should move next. I know that many of these questions will be resolved within the next few weeks, and that is hard too.

Fortunately, I also have many distractions. Later this week, I will be going up to Anchorage to celebrate with Kirsten and Colin as they make their vows to each other. Immediately afterward, I am going to Salem for a quick visit. I am looking forward to spending time with people I love and with all the traveling I will be doing this summer, I know the time will go very quickly.

It is scary not to know what I will be doing, but it is also a gift. I can see how my life could go in many directions and I know I am fortunate to have options at a time when so many people feel stuck. Although I may not always be able to see the pattern, I trust that God has something in mind.

And for now, I have the lovely distraction of all the beautiful roses that have appeared in my yard. Life is good.


  1. A yard fulla roses IS a joy. How's the garden going, and how is it gonna fare while you are galavanting around?

  2. The garden is going quite well. The cilantro has bolted, but the dill is doing amazingly and there are lots of blossoms on the cherry tomatoes. One of the perks to sharing a house with handsome young men is that they can keep my garden and cats alive while I am gallivanting!

  3. Roses are always a blessing.

    Know you will be held in the Light during all your travels.

  4. Thanks, RantWoman. It seems strange to call you that, but I do want to protect your secret identity. :)

  5. (Ah-ha! Now I understand that in-page comments don't work with Firefox for Mac, but do work with Safari.)

    This is not any kind of answer... but last weekend, when my oversight committee met, I made sure one of the things on our agenda was "What am I doing next year?," b/c that affects where we look for an apartment; and we are making a trip to go apartment-hunting before FGC Gathering the week of June 22nd. So I've been feeling rather anxious.

    And do you know what they told me? Stop worrying. The way will open.

    This was both very irritating, and fairly comforting.



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