Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Valiant Sixteen - Part 11

“I think that everybody is a minister, and if you don’t think you’re called to be a minister, try thinking again!”  Julian B, Central Philadelphia Meeting (Philadelphia Yearly Meeting).
When I asked young Friends what advice they had for others feeling called to travel in the ministry, the overwhelming response was, “Go do it!”  These ministers wanted to encourage Friends young and old to go to other meetings and churches and see how truth prospers among Friends.  

The second thing that most of them said was that those feeling called into ministry should go to their meetings and churches for support.  Friends have a wide range of ways to support ministers, and those feeling called into ministry should be aware of the ways their meetings and churches can support and encourage them as they test their leadings.

Traveling in the ministry has been one of the most difficult things I have done, but it has also made me feel more alive and more aware of the presence of God in my life than at any other time.  Like the young Friends who so generously gave me their time and stories, I encourage anyone who feels called to travel in the ministry to do it, and then come back and share how God is at work in your life with the rest of us.

[From the research paper I wrote for the School of the Spirit on the spiritual nurture of young Friends traveling in the ministry.]

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