Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slowing Down

This week, I decided not to run the Portland Marathon. Overall, I feel relieved, but part of me is a little bummed about this decision. The marathon was my New Year's resolution, and I got pretty far toward my goal. I have never run a marathon, but I think I probably could, and back in January it seemed like ten months was a good amount of time to get ready. I really had no concept of how much time it would take to train, though, and I realized a few days ago that I just didn't want to do it. And I got the flu, so it seemed like my body was telling me to take a break.

I feel like this is a pattern for me: I do too much, then I get sick. It's like I can't relax until I am completely worn out. This is frustrating because I have recognized this pattern for quite a while, but I keep going through it. I try to rest and I love to sleep, but there are always so many other things to do. Even when I go on vacation, I always seem to find things to keep me busy.

Fortunately, I have time to rest now. I am staying in town for the three day weekend and I am not going in to work at all. As always, there are things I want to get done (laundry, a job application, a trip to the farmers market), but I plan on taking it easy for the next few days. If I got any channels, I would consider watching hours of random television. Maybe I will look through my roommate's DVD collection and see if anything seems sufficiently mindless. I am definitely looking forward to not going on any long runs!


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  2. Blogger Alivia said...

    It is important to learn the middle ground between too much and nothing. I think shooting for a marathon and working toward it, but not actually doing it is not a huge disaster in life. Can you consider a later one, or run a shorter race and still get the "need for speed" met?

    Someone once said the key to a long life is to develop a chronic illness early in life and then learn how to take care of yourself. I don't recommend that, but I do recommend learning how to make decisions in a way that gives us more time, and more information. You can still run a marathon without having to run it with a bunch of wacko people all bunched together. Go around GreenLake enough times, or plan out a different route, or do none of this. You are creative, if the urge still nudges you, you will find a way.

    Now that you have a bike you could train for a triathlon. How crazy is that? Sheesh. I am sorry you got out of your practice routine, but glad you are taking good care of yourself. Work on being a turtle in some areas of life-- slow & steady. We don't all have to be energizer bunnies all the time! Ha. We're humans, we can choose, so I have heard.
    Blessings & Peace on you in all that you do, or don't do.

    August 31, 2008 12:52 PM

  3. Hi Alivia,

    Thanks for your advice and concern. Don't worry, you didn't actually get me off schedule. I went on a long run the day after we biked, but I realized after that one that I didn't want to do the marathon. I am not planning on stopping running completely, I'm just enjoying waking up this weekend and not feeling like I have to immediately run many miles.

    I am also not ruling out the possibility of ever doing a marathon, I have just decided not to do this marathon. On the bright side, now I have a much better idea what it takes if and when I decide to do one.

    It's funny that you suggested training for a triathlon -- wanting to do a triathlon. was the reason I started running in the first place. And you are right, now that I have a bike again, it seems like a pretty good idea!



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