Saturday, September 25, 2010


In preparation for Marge A's workshop on support committees next month, I have been reading Michael Wajda's Pendle Hill Pamphlet Expectant Listening: Finding God's Thread of Guidance.  Near the end of the pamphlet, Michael Wajda strings together the many leadings and messages he has heard in his life and says they look something like this:
Wake up.  You are loved.  I am leading you.  Nurture others who are following me too.  Go deeper.  Give more of yourself to me.  Share the fruits of your authentic searching and finding with others.  Support everyone in going to the Deep Place.  Know that I am with you all the time.  Help the world to wake up too.
He then asks, "What does God's deep, long thread of guidance look like in your life?"

This question struck me as an important one to answer, and when I think of the messages I have received from God all together, they sound like this:
If you choose to follow me, it will not be easy.  I will ask you to do and say hard things, but I will be there too.  I made you and I love you.  Your feelings are valid.  Speak up.  You have something to say.  Speak up.  I will use your experiences to speak to others.  You have everything you need.  Others will use many different words to describe their experiences of me.  The language they use is important.  Help them express their authentic experiences.  Take care of yourself.  Because you are human, you will make mistakes, but I will never stop loving you.  If you listen, I am here.
And now I'm curious for all of you out there, what does the thread of God's guidance in your life look like?


  1. I’ve been here all along. All your strength and cleverness is nothing next to my loving power; even so, my help is there for the everyday challenges you face. Never mind their conduct, love other people. Go west. I’ll help you get there. Come into God’s presence with singing and thanksgiving–into his courts with praise; help others to do that. Settle here. I am and was Jesus. Learn every day from the process of raising a family and being in a meeting. I may ask difficult things of you–as hard as giving your son for sacrifice or pulling your heart from its protection. You, your meeting and the place you’re in are enough; simple silence is all that is needed to hear my voice.

    Thanks for asking for this, Ashley.

    Jay T.

  2. Are you willing? Will you do what it takes? How about now? And now? And now? OK then, follow me. This way. Now this way. Over here. Didn't expect that one? Why not? Back this way. Now try with your eyes closed. Over here. Don't worry, if I change directions I'll tell you. Just stay with me. See how easy that is? I didn't say painless, I said easy. Remember that everything that happens on the physical plane is a joke, a riddle that I have set for you so that you can learn and grow into your full self. You are always with me. You are part of me. It doesn't matter to me if you remember that or not, but you will be happier when you do. Open your mouth and I will speak. Just open it. Really. Now. See it wasn't so bad. Start typing. Just start. Don't worry, I'll handle that part. Type. Now. I know it's scary; it's supposed to be. You can't see how beautiful and powerful I am if you don't let me out. That wasn't a mistake. You needed that. I always lead you in the right direction; I always give you what you need. If you trust me and you will have joy. Either way your life will be perfect.

  3. I spent the weekend thinking and journaling about this question. It was a very powerful exercise for and one that I needed to do. Thank you, Ashley for posing this question.
    1) Trust. Take the first step on unfamiliar ground. Speak the difficult truths. Be observant, listen, and reflect. Everything will be okay.
    2) Ask for Help. You are never apart from me. Even though you may be far away from family and friends, you are never apart from community.
    3) Forgive. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone says the wrong things with the best of intentions. Everyone includes you. Let it go with blessings.
    4) Grow. Consider the information that is given to you and question it. Boundaries are for protection but remaining bound makes life small. Expect change.
    5) Love. Accept and celebrate where you are on the journey and where you’ve come from. Love is boundless and will arrive in surprising packages.
    6) Sing, Sing, Sing. Singing is your emotional exercise. Don’t keep your emotions bottled up and pressed down.

  4. ameasureoflight - I am glad that this exercise spoke to you. Thank you for sharing your response.


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