Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playlist II

A few days ago, I found myself making a new playlist for my ipod.  My playlists tend to be based on emotions or themes; last spring, I made one called "Ministry."  

In honor of my upcoming trip to Kenya, this one is named "home."  It has 40 songs, which seems fitting for the season.  As I was listening to it, I realized that I could have also named it "Psalms."  Like the Psalms, it covers just about every human emotion.  

I am hopeful that when I am feeling far from home, it will help remind me who I am and where I come from.


Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons
You Are a Tourist, Death Cab For Cutie
Suspended In Gaffa, Ra Ra Riot
My Night with the Prostitute From Marseille, Beirut
Sing You Home, Kathleen Hannan
Rapture, Pedro the Lion
The Burden of Vision, Jon Watts
You and Me (But Mostly Me), The Book of Mormon
Romeo & Juliet, Indigo Girls
The Gin War, Cassino
Baptize Me, The Book of Mormon
The Cave, Mumford & Sons
The Soldiering Life, The Decemberists
City With No Children, Arcade Fire
Iowa (Traveling 3), Dar Williams
People, David Bazan
Our Deliverance, Indigo Girls
Stay Young, Go Dancing, Death Cab For Cutie
Little Lion Man, Mumford & Sons
Unforgiven, The Go-Go's
Let's Get Naked, Jon Watts
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), Arcade Fire
Won't Let Go, David Bazan
Platano, Cassino
Be Thou My Vision, Alivia Biko
Some Boys, Death Cab For Cutie
I Believe, The Book of Mormon
Lifted Up, Jon Watts
Pink Triangle, Weezer
Morning has Broken, Alivia Biko
Wolves at the Door, David Bazan
The Wolves (Act I and II), Bon Iver
Wild World, Cat Stevens
Heartbeats, Jose Gonzalez
Better, Regina Spektor
An Owl with Knees, The Books
Mykonos, Fleet Foxes
America, Simon and Garfunkel
What I'm Trying to Say, Stars
God Be in My Head, John Rutter

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