Saturday, May 4, 2013

Five Years

I realized a couple days ago that I had missed my blog's fifth birthday.  (Actually, I posted on it, but not about that.)  I wrote my first post for this blog on April 29, 2008, so today it is five years and five days old.  That's a long time!  

So, in honor of five years of blogging, I am going to list the top five most popular posts.  I don't have reliable stats to back this up, but I'm pretty sure these ones have gotten more hits than the rest.
Joyful Alaskan Friends:  A description of visiting Anchorage Friends Meeting and Anchorage Friends Church in August 2008.  (This post still gets regular hits from people looking for Friends in Alaska.)

Voice:  A post about finding my voice during a School of the Spirit residency.

Dialogue:  A satirical script about miscommunication between young adult Friends and older Friends while traveling in the ministry.

Another Way (LGBT):  Some reflections on the Bible and sexuality after returning from the Sixth World Conference of Friends.

The Cost of Traveling Ministry:  A budget of the expenses and financial aid for a trip I made last summer traveling in the ministry.
A lot has changed over the past five years, but a lot has stayed the same too.  I am still a member of Freedom Friends Church and I still share my home with two orange cats.

And I am still grateful.

I am grateful to everyone who has read my blog over the years: Friends, non-Friends, and ex-Friends, Christians, Pagans, Jews, and atheists.  Thank you for your comments, emails, prayers, and support.  Thank you for sharing what I have written and for letting me know when I have missed the mark.  Thank you for introducing me to Friends around the world who continue to challenge me with your writing and your faithfulness.  

Thank you.

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