Monday, July 15, 2013

Traveling Minute and Endorsements

                                                                                                            June 10, 2013

To Friends in Friends General Conference and Everywhere,

This letter is a traveling minute from Freedom Friends Church for Ashley M. Wilcox.  Ashley is a recorded minister in our meeting and a beloved member of our community.  We support her public ministry, and you may trust the testimony that she brings to you.

Ashley will be traveling to the FGC Gathering in Greeley, Colorado from June 30 to July 6, 2013.  While there, she will engage in ministry in many ways, including leading a five-day morning workshop entitled "Convergent Friends: Worship and Conversation."  Aimee McAdams, a member of Northwest Yearly Meeting, currently living in Minnesota will be serving as an elder for Ashley for this workshop.

We are confident that Ashley will challenge you and encourage you in your faith, and that your time together will be rich and fruitful.  Please welcome Ashley and care for her as we would care for her.  We would appreciate a note documenting the ministry she shares with you.

In Christ’s Love,

Alivia B
Pastor, Freedom Friends Church


Marie S

This was a sweet-spirited offering.
Kathryn R, Ashland

Ashley was a joyful and spirit filled presence.
Daniel W

We've been blessed to have Ashley's presence and guidance this week.
Steve D 

7-5-13 Bless you for your loving presence and instruction.
Mollie G

I deeply appreciated the experiential and worshipful workshop.  I appreciate Ashley's courage and her leading to provide this forum.

Dear Friends of Freedom Friends Church, 
Almost 1150 Friends from 31 Yearly Meetings met in Greeley, CO for the 2013 FGC Gathering June 30 to July 6.  Our theme this year was "At the Growing Edges of our Faith."  We welcomed and were blessed by the presence of Ashley M. Wilcox and her elder, Aimee McAdams.  The gift of service in leading a morning workshop was deeply appreciated.  We are richer for this gift, and we thank you for caring for this ministry and for sharing it with us.  We extend warm greetings to your community.
In Friendship,
Sue R, Presiding Clerk of Friends General Conference

Dear Friends - it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Ashley's Elder for this workshop.  Thank you for your prayers and support of her ministry.  
Aimee M

Dear Friends,
I enjoyed a lovely spiritual Opportunity with Ashley - it was so wonderful to hear how the Spirit is moving in her life at this time and to share together each of our own questions and yearnings.  Thank you for sharing Ashley with us at FGC, and for nurturing the gifts and ministry she is carrying! 
Blessings, Eric E (Central Philadelphia, PYM; FGC Traveling Ministries)

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