Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Give Quakers Your Money

It's the end of the year and you know what that means: lots of emails from Quaker nonprofit organizations asking for end-of-the-year contributions. I mentioned this on Twitter today and my friend Kathy H suggested I "do a a year-end blog post reviewing year-end appeals from Quaker organizations."

I don't think I'm up for writing reviews, but I can make a list! Here are quotes from the Friends organizations I've heard from in the last week. Click on the name of the organization to donate.
  • Quaker Voluntary Service: "Your support is vital in creating opportunities for Spirit-led witness, in the long tradition of Quaker service. We are raising funds to support the QVS programs in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Portland."
  • Friends Journal: "Your tax-deductible online gift will help Friends Journal continue to be a unifying and empowering force for Friends." 
  • Friends World Committee for Consultation: "Answering God's call to universal love, the Friends World Committee brings Friends of varying traditions and cultural experiences together in worship, communications and consultation, to express our common heritage and our Quaker message to the world." 
  • Friends General Conference: "From the Gathering to the Quaker Cloud, from the New Meetings Project to Quaker Quest, together we’ve done so much to build and strengthen the Religious Society of Friends."
  • Pendle Hill: "Contributions allow us to provide experiences that inspire leadership, service, spiritual enrichment, and action for peace and justice."
And, as always, I highly recommend giving money to Freedom Friends Church.  

Happy new year, Friends!


  1. Don't forget Friends Committee on National Legislation: "We put your monthly gifts to good use, taking positive steps toward a more peaceful world."

    1. Thanks for the addition, Mike! When I compiled this, I was surprised to see that I didn't get emails from FCNL or Western Friend.

  2. I am glad everyone is on fire and motivated enough to send out appeals. But, it's not just the fundraising appeals. It's the fundraising emails day after day. Someone please sell me on whether it works better for other people than for me. I am getting, um, a little ANNOYED, though peculiarly also bless to see Quaker organizations mixed in my other organizations also doing the same thing.

    Oh, and what?

    No Quakerquaker

    No QUIT?

    No QUIP?

    No QUNO?

    No Friendly Water?

    No Friends New Underground Railroad?

    I know you didn't get any email from Friends Committee on WA Public Policy because I only got a letter and am seasoning an email full of eldering of the form "I cannot send you any money but here is what I can offer."

    And RantWoman also enthusiastically urges Friends to support your local Meetings / Churches.

    How is all of that for contradictory feedback?

    1. I did get an email from QuakerQuaker a couple weeks ago, so I'll add it here.

      QuakerQuaker: "How to you relate to the site? Do you visit itself or follow along on Facebook and Twitter? Do you read and forward the daily email? Are the site discussion boards important to you? Do you use the site to share you Quaker insights or keep up with a wider conversation?"


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