Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Musical Interlude II

I probably would not go so far to say that God talks to me through my iPod, but I do occasionally find music on it that makes me wonder. This is not very surprising, considering the vast majority of the music on my iPod comes from my brother James, who is much cooler than I am. Apparently at some point he put a Pedro the Lion album on my playlist. I happened to find it because there is a version of "Be Thou My Vision" on it, one of my favorite hymns. Hooray for brothers with good taste in music! Lately, I keep listening to "Letter from a Concerned Follower."

Some folks think we're better now
Social evolution's new synthetic will
Will keep us on a straighter path
As better men use brand new math
With no wrong answers

I'm just a little bit worried
Do you have some sort of plan?
Have you been finally defeated
By the cunning of these fully evolved men?

And I hear that you don't change
How do you expect to keep up with the trends?
You won't survive the information age
Unless you plan to change the truth
To accommodate the brilliance of men, the brilliance of men

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